Price transparency. Now in your pocket.

According to a study by The New York Times, discount programs offer a better price than insurance co-pays 40% of the time – or 60% in a high deductible plan. But who has time to shop for the best price, deal with online prescription programs, or print coupons?

RxNXT Fusion makes prescription savings effortless for sponsors and members.

As easy as showing your
insurance card.

Wherever cardholders go, Rx savings follow

Ease of use

No one has to change how they operate. Members present their benefit card to the pharmacist as they always have.

Optimal savings, automated

If an RxNXT cost source is the lowest, the discount program price is messaged to the pharmacy. If not, the claim is processed through the plan.

Take control of leakage

Claims routed to a discount program are captured and sent back to the plan to ensure utilization metrics are made whole.

Keep track

Teams can track savings using the plan savings dashboard, with the option to integrate Deductible and OOP accumulators.