Rx Savings. Every. Single. Time.

The Next Wave in Rx Transparency

Plan sponsors and their members are looking for an easier way to save on prescription costs. RxNXT has the solution. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform locates the lowest prices at the point of sale, creating a cost-saving and hassle-free system for all of your pharmacy claims.

Even with insurance,
prescriptions cost too much

The U.S. spends more than any other country on pharmaceuticals due to steadily increasing drug costs and low price transparency.

People pay, one way or another

patients who sacrifice basic needs to afford their medications

43% of patients reported stretching out their prescription, skipping or reducing doses, or forgoing essential expenses to afford their medications.

patients who leave the pharmacy empty-handed because a prescription is too expensive

In 2019, 28% of patients abandoned their prescriptions. That percentage increased by 10% in 2020 with 38% of people abandoning their prescriptions.

patients who ask the pharmacist about cheaper alternatives

55% of patients are asking for lower price options. This method cannot guarantee them the lowest price, as providers can only access the limited information in their EHRs.

This is where we come in

We consider all pricing options so members don’t have to. Our analytics optimize pricing by comparing:

Insurance plan price

Multiple prescription discount cards

Cash price at the pharmacy

The savings speak for themselves

When compared to one of the nation's leading PBMs:

out of every 100 claims had a lower-priced alternative

average $ members save per claim

average $ plans save per claim